Les Pedreres, Sant Fruitós de Bages, 18-10-2014

Fuji X100S, 23mm, F8, 1/60, 200 ISO

Photo Set

Sometimes, in the most unexpected place or situation, you find little treasures that are worth being shot at.

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Fuji X100S, 23mm, F2, 1/60, 500 ISO 

                               F2, 1/10, 500 ISO


Gregory Crewdson has always been one of my favourite photographers of all times. The way he prepares the scenarios to make his pics look as frames from a movie is amazing. This is my humble tribute to his work.

Fuji X100S, 23mm, F2, 1/125, 1600 ISO

Photo Set

Recording sessions. All pictures taken with a Fuji X100S in very low light conditions.


Arnau Vallvé, drummer from Manel, one of the most successful Catalan bands.

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Fuji X100S, 23mm, F2, 1/30, 400 ISO


Domènec Farell, dubbing actor.

Catalunya Ràdio, Barcelona, 13/8/2014

Fuji X100S, 23mm, F4.4, 1/70, 400 ISO


Guillem Arnal, radio technician at Ràdio Barcelona - Cadena SER at work during “Espècies protegides” program.

Barcelona, 2/9/2014

Fuji X100S + WCL, F2, 1/75, 1600 ISO


After the party.

Parc de la Seu, Manresa, 30/8/2014

Fuji X100S, 23mm, F2, 1/30, 1600 ISO


Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona, 28/8/2014

Fuji X100S, 23mm, F8, 1/80, 1600 ISO


Quiet party.

El Born, Barcelona, 26/7/2014

Fuji X100S, 23mm, F2, 1/15, 2500 ISO


I’ve shot this pic with my mobile, but I want to show you my new tattoo, a very cute Fuji X100S. Now I’ve really got you under my skin.


Horse with no name.


Fuji X100S, 23mm, F16, 1/500, 400 ISO


Només X100S. turned 3 today!

Photo Set

Le contre-jour.

Altafulla, 9/7/2014

Fuji X100S, 23mm, 

Photo Set

Sexy window, sexy bed, sexy skin.

Fuji X100S 23mm